Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does Construction Administration Solutions save money?

    CA Solutions saves money four ways:
                    a. It saves time.
                   b. It guides inexperienced staff.
                   c. Reports allows management to review staff performance.
                   d. Search tools allow instant access to information.

2. Are project files still required?

    Yes, project files are still required.  Much of the paperwork in a
    construction project is generated by the builder or construction
    management team.  The database records the information and creates
    links to electronic files for instant access.

3. How is Construction Administration Solutions different from any
other database?

    The program is built on the Filemaker Pro platform, a commercial
    database.  Construction Administration Solutions adds an overlay that
    customizes the database for the architectural community.

4. Do I need Filemaker Pro to run the database?

    No, the database is available as a stand alone solution.  No additional
    software is required.

5. Are there advantages to owning the Filemaker Database Software?

    Yes, the $300 software package gives the database great flexibility,
    allowing the database to be customized, allowing Internet access,
    provides charting capability, and allows multiple users to access a
    single project file.  

6. Will my data be inaccessible if I decide not to stop using the

      No, the information can be exported to any format.